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Strike Second Deal Tutorial by Houston Curtis

Strike Second Deal Tutorial by Houston Curtis

DO NOT USE THIS MOVE TO CHEAT AT CARDS. LEARN THE MOVE FOR EITHER PROTECTION AGAINST CARD CHEATS OR TO ENTERTAIN AN AUDIENCE BY AMAZING THEM VIA THE USE OF SLEIGHT OF HAND TECHNIQUE. In this tutorial Houston gives an in-depth explanation of the strike second deal including practice drills, how card cheats use the move in live play, how to use in a magical context and more! The Strike Second Deal is his favorite version of the legendary move. Mr. Curtis is a professional consultant and poker protection expert hired by casinos, card rooms and private games around the world to analyze, educate and defend against all forms of cheating at the card table. A former card mechanic and high stakes gambler, Mr. Curtis has won millions of dollars playing poker and blackjack. He is also the Executive Producer of numerous gaming-related TV Shows and specials including The Ultimate Blackjack Tour (CBS) and The Aruba Poker Classic (GSN), Current productions include Bally's Big Bet Poker on Bally Sports Network and legendary livestream high stakes cash game poker show titled Live at the Bike. (links below), To learn more be sure to subscribe and join our newsletter at The Expert at the Card Table is available at Jason England's Bottom Deal is available at DO NOT CHEAT AT POKER IMPORTANT: Houston Curtis does not advocate any kind of cheating whatsoever. Th3e in depth instruction in this tutorial is not intended to support, but rather to Thwart those who attempt to cheat in a game of chance or using this move to cheat in a poker game. Mr. Curtis is teaching us the move for two reasons. Reason 1 (first and foremost) to those of you who play in cash games where money is at risk, it is important to understand the many ways your game can be compromised. Many cheating tactics in poker and other card games played for money are implemented via "sleight of hand technique." The best way to learn how to spot a cheater using sleight of hand is to understand the mechanics that go into a move used by the cheat and how the cheat uses such moves to gain unlawful advantage in a card game. Reason 2: Gambling sleight of hand is a beautiful art form and a joy to study, especially for those who love cards, card games or card magic. Thanks to gambling sleight of hand many of todays great magicians are able to entertain and amaze us by making miracles seemingly happen before our eyes using playing cards. Without the use of moves derived from the card table, the card magic performed by master magicians of past and present like Shin Lim, David Blaine or Dan Vernon wouldn't exist. In essence... Thanks to artists and magicians these moves which were originally intended for unlawful purposes have proven to be of value and have entertained millions of fans world wide. And let's face it... isn't life a little better when we can turn a negative into a positive? I think so. To learn more follow KardSharp founder Houston Curtis social media channels listed below: Website: Website: Twitter: @houston_curtis LinkedIn: Inastgram: @Kardsharp89 Facebook: Associated sites: Articles: Poker Streams: Poker Stream Social Youtube: @LiveattheBike Twitch: FBLive:
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