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Houston Curtis

Houston Curtis left small-town America at age 18 because he dreamed of a better life for himself.  With no money, no connections, and no college degree Houston pioneered a multi-million dollar entertainment business by creating never before seen Niche branded lifestyle content. His first success was the wildly popular Best of Backyard Wrestling home video franchise that exploded in the early 2000s making headlines around the world.  Oprah Winfrey called it “Violent and Shocking” while Rolling Stone wrote, “You’ll watch it again and again.”  By age 30 Curtis was a self-made millionaire and by his mid 30’s the brands he had created were grossing over 100 million dollars a year.  But that wasn’t enough…At night he was moonlighting as a high stakes poker hustler with then partner, actor Tobey Maguire building the biggest, richest most elite poker game in Hollywood History.  Like all stories in life that seem too good to be true, Houston’s world would ultimately crash down around him in 2008 after the market crashed and the FBI launched a full-scale investigation into his celeb-filled poker ring.  The woman he and Tobey had hired to set up the game each week wrote a tell all that Aaron Sorkin turned into the Oscar nominated blockbuster film Molly’s Game starring Jessica Chastain and Kevin Costner.    Houston lost everything after the poker scandal hit. A multi-million dollar empire, the mansion, the mercedes, his wife and kids.  Then, after the stress finally gave way to a massive heart attack in his late 30’s, Curtis died on the table at Cedar Sanai Hospital in Beverly Hills. After being miraculously brought back to life, Houston would soon be told he only had 5 years to live at best.


Today, 10 years later, Houston is prepared to share not only how he made it to the top, but how he continues to beat the odds, in terms of living life, making millions, learning from his mistakes and achieving the most important goal of all, true happiness. 

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Houston Curtis has been called the “Poker World’s Wolf of Wall Street!”  Hear first hand, the true uncensored story that resulted in the Oscar Nominated BlockBuster film Molly’s Game.  How Houston Curtis alongside, Spiderman star, Tobey Maguire devised a scheme to build the biggest, richest and most star studded underground poker ring in the history of Hollywood.  Find out what was true and false about the Sorkin film and take a look into the biggest secret of all.  The revelation that Houston Curtis had lived a secret double life for years.  By day a successful television producer and by night, a Los Angeles rounder who happened to be one of the most highly skilled card mechanics in the world.  In the not so talked about underground world of card hustlers, and sleight of hand experts, Houston Curtis is a bona fide legend.  A master of his craft.  In this captivating keynote, Curtis not only shares the tales of his colorful life including the millions made, millions won and Millions lost, but all the lessons that go along with a wild ride to the top and back down.  Houston will also perform a mind blowing demonstration of his legendary skills at the card table which promises to impress.


Houston will take the audience on a roller coaster thrill ride filled with inspiring and often jaw dropping stories detailing how he managed to integrate street smart business into his corporate dealings and how he developed the skill to go against the norm to create multi million dollar ideas and execute them successfully time and again.  His biggest success weapon?  Trusting his gut and betting on himself.  He will also share the stories of his life in Hollywood.  All of excess, opulence, glamour and greed.  And how he used a secret skill he had developed since he was a child, to work his way to the top of the Hollywood inner sanctum. Houston will share the steps that led him to incredible highs, and how to avoid the mistakes that ultimately led to his devastating lows.  He’ll reveal how he dodged a death sentence from doctors, overcame a cell block race riot and how he reinvented himself after losing everything and is now living the life of his dreams.


Imagine that you are living the life of your dreams.  You own a 3 Million dollar home equipped with its own basketball court, butlers headquarters formal dining room, swimming pool and chef’s kitchen.  You and your spouse drive the newest high end automobiles and your kids attend most expensive private schools.  You spend at least two nights a week cloistered away in 5 star hotels with billionaires, A-List celebrity’s and the Hollywood Elite and wake up every day thanking God for the life you’ve built for yourself despite your humble beginnings.  Now cut to this scene:  Almost overnight, you lose your house, lose your wife and kids, lose all of your worldly possessions.  You are riddled with lawsuits you can’t defend, your business tanks, you have a heart attack, die on the table and wake up to be told you only have 5 years to live.and oh yeah, you are penniless.  How do you think the average person would handle a swing that heavy?  How does one recover from such a devastating loss?  In this captivating speech, Houston Curtis lays out his sure-fire 7 step plan for taking your life back after being faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.  Get ready to take a ride down THE ROAD TO REINVENTION.